We provide a Framework that puts You in Control 

We know running a business can be very demanding as well as rewarding. Having a structure for the financial administration of your business is critical. You not only need the technological resources, such as bookkeeping software, but a proactive accounting partner to check in with you at regular intervals to help you make sure you are on track to meet your statutory obligations, as well being on hand to assist you in many aspects of your business. 
Phil & Danny, Marshes Accountants

We have an unrivalled matrix of service levels designed to fit every business 

You may be a Limited Company, Sole Trader, LLP, or Partnership. You may also have specific requirements in terms of levels of support you need from your accountant that will differ from other business and may also be dynamic. That’s why we have service levels designed to accommodate both your business type and journey - and you can move from one package to another, periodically, as your requirements change. 

We have a Discovery to Onboarding process 

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Discovery Call 

It’s important for you to feel comfortable working with your accounting provider, and, indeed, for your accountant to feel they can meet your expectations. So we kick off with a Discovery Call to initially assess your requirements. 
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Proposal Call 

We will prepare a costed proposal and go through this with you to ensure we have your requirements covered. We then email this to you, after the call, for electronic approval. 
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We grant you access to our client portal and take you through a step by step process by which we gather the relevant information from you to begin acting as your accountant. 

Accountancy service levels tailored for your business 

At Marshes we appreciate that no two businesses are identical, so we have put together a genuine choice of service levels. Click on the links below to see which package currently suits your business. 
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Get in touch 

If you want to speak to one of our team about Marshes Accountancy Services or to book a Discovery Call please get in touch today: Complete and send the form below or call us on 01865 703385 or email us at [email protected] 
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