Extra support 

As your business continues to grow, it also grows in complexity, so you need extra support. With more 'moving parts', there is an inevitable increase in the pace and variety of your financial activity. You need extra resources to stay on top of the numbers so you can manage the business effectively. 

Monthly Reporting 

With increased complexity, you will want to consider your business’s financial position with extra frequency. Our monthly reporting puts you in control. You can see if there are trends which need fixing before they become issues and identify opportunities to up the pace of your growth. 

Budget and Forecasting 

If you are planning on expansion, taking out a loan, or need to make a capital investment, you need to know your business can afford it. We use a cloud-based budgeting and forecasting app that integrates with many cloud-based bookkeeping solutions to help provide you with the extra analysis. You and your backers get the extra level of detail and comfort to know that your plans are sustainable. 
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Get in touch 

If you want to speak to one of our team about Marshes Accountancy Services or to book a Discovery Call please get in touch today: Complete and send the form below or call us on 01865 703385 or email us at [email protected] 

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